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E30 24 V Top Mount T3 Turbo Manifold

1988 BMW 325i

Shipping Note

Manufacturer: DIYPSI
Product Code: E3024vTRBMANI
Product Dimensions and Weight
Product Width: N/A
Product Height: N/A
Product Length: N/A
Product Weight: N/A


New from DIYpsi- These manifolds are for any E30 that has a 24v engine swapped in including M50, M52, S50, S52, and M54. This will NOT work with the E46 M3 S54 engine. Manifold is made with sch10 Stainless and 1/2" flanges.The wastegate port accepts a 40/44mm vband gate. Warrantied against cracking for 2 years.


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